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  • Vibration Machine - Cardiotech CV12

Cardiotech CV12 Vibration Machine

CardioTech’s CV12 Whole Body Vibrating Exercise Machine has many outstanding features and exercises:

8 Pre-Set Massage Programs

These programs are specifically designed to expertly massage your individual body parts. The programs run for 10 minutes, although Vibration is so effective that it is recommended that you build up to 10 minutes on your Vibration machine. Initially, 5 minutes is ample!

Vibration Motion

The CV12 Vibration machine is a premium model that operates in an oscillating ' see-saw' motion to simulate walking, for a safe and effective exercise session. There are so many fantastic Vibration machine exercises to help you shape up, improve circulation and gain many other health and fitness benefits - backed by research!


Large Blue-Backlit multi-functional LCD screen displaying time, speed, active program and pulse

Speed Range

You can set the Vibration speed on the CV12 Vibration machine from 1 to 99, offering you beginner to advanced/intense Vibration.

Voltage & Weight Regulator

Ensures Hz rating remains stable even when the voltage or load weight changes.

Product Specifications

Vibration Exercise Machine Performance


High Torque

Motor Size:


Plate Surface:

53 x 37cm

Speed Rating:


Time Setting:

Up to 10 minutes (high speeds for massage)


1 large easy to read LCD Blue Backlit display, featuring: Time; Speed, Pulse

Voltage & Weight Regulator:


Pulse Meter:


Calorie Meter:



8 pre-set massage programs


'See-Saw' motion to simulate walking



Handle Bars:

Side mounted for easy grip and supported balance



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Vibration Machine - Cardiotech CV12

  • $1,499.00


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