Gravity Boots

Gravity Boots

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Gravity is a compressive force which is constantly affecting the upright human frame. Since the beginning of time, people have suffered the ill effects of gravity. They have felt the compressive force on their spines causing them to have back problems and poor posture. Scientist have recently paid close attention to the joints of the spine and have found that the force of gravity is a major factor in vertebral mis-alignments. This tiny mis-alignments of the vertebral joints, along with the narrowing of the compressed disc, put pressure on the spinal nerves existing between them, causing many health problems and much pain.

Today modern technology has allowed us to outsmart gravity and make it work for us with the use of GRAVITY BOOTS. One can now enjoy hanging by the ankles allowing gravity to stretch and relax the entire body. Hanging in this fashion allows your body weight to traction your spine, decompressing the joints and discs.

With GRAVITY BOOTS, one can develop all-round muscle and improve the circulation. The Gravity Boot is particularly effective in relieving stress and tension and physiological care, such as relief of back and joint pain.

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Gravity bar is optional.

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