Vibration machines are fast becoming one of the most popular exercise methods. Offering a unique workout experience, Vibration Machines can improve muscle strength, blood circulation and bone density, oxygenate your body and may increase metabolism and raise energy levels. CardioTech is at the forefront of the fitness industry, providing safe and reliable Vibration Exercise Machines that will see positive results in your health and lifestyle

Stepper & Vibrating Machines

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Vibration Machine - Cardiotech CV12
Cardiotech CV12 Vibration Machine CardioTech’s CV12 W...
Online Price $1,499.00
Ex Tax: $1,362.73
Mini Stepper - Bodyworx
span.highlight { background-color: yellow; } Body...
Online Price $129.00
Ex Tax: $117.27
SaleVibration Machine- Cardiotech LifeBack 2
Cardiotech LifeBack 2 Vibration Machine Product Speci...
Online Price$799.00
Online Price

Ex Tax: $635.45